From UK

Dear Geof

Thank you for helping us with the sale of our villa in Skiathos.
Thanks to the efforts of you and your team, everything went smoothly with a minimum of fuss and disruption to our lives.
I would happily recommend your services to anyone contemplating buying or selling a property on Skiathos.

Michael and Denise Nairn


Dear Geof,

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the help you gave us in finding our Skiathos home.
It was excellent to find someone who not only gave good advice, but also followed it through and made himself available to help at any time.
I think it would have been pretty difficult to have done this without your help. I would recommend your services to anyone else looking for property on Skiathos.

Thanks and regards,

Kate and Andy Thurling


Hi Geof,

We would like to thank you for all your help in making our dream come true, that dream was to buy a house & live in Skiathos.We first starting corresponding with back at the beginning of the year, finally meeting you in June with a list of properties we were interested in. After viewing several of those properties we decided that the little town house was the one for us.With a lot of help from you that finally became a reality on the 2nd September 2004.

We will be moving to Skiathos all being well around the middle of October.

So once again Geoff we would like to thank you for all the help and advice that you have given us, and hope you can join us for a celebratory drink when we have settled in.

With the kindest regards,

Sally & Beccy


In 2003 we contacted Geof Baldry with a view to buying a Villa here on the island of Skiathos for our retirement. Geof arranged for us to see many villas, but we were unable to find anything that suited us. We decided, eventually, to buy a plot of land and build our own villa. Once again Geof was very helpful assisting us in the search for the perfect plot and showing us Villa designs to build. The land was finally purchased and we retained Geof’s services as our agent, to be in charge of the building project whilst we remained in England. Due to Geof’s business and language skills and his professional capabilities we are now living in our villa here on the Island.

Thanks Geof,

Anne and Max Kemp.


We purchased a Villa in Skiathos in Sept  2005 through Geof  Baldry.  The transaction took 3 months, Geof guided us through the legalities, finance, tax  & setting up utility payments. We asked ourselves when we first met Geof, “Can  you trust a guy who looks as though he does not even own a comb”.
The answer is yes implicitly, he’s not just an estate agent, he is a dream maker.

Philip and Pat Hawker


Hello Geof

We  would like to thank you for all the help you gave us to buy our Villa in Skiathos. You were with us every step of the way while we were there, also by e-mail whilst in the U.K., not only guiding us through all the legal transactions, but actually being by our side translating  everything as we do not speak Greek yet.
I do not know how we would have bought a property in Skiathos without you.  You went way beyond your call of duty as an Estate Agent, making the whole process a joy and great learning experience.
Things like electricity, fuel for heating, buying a car, recommending a Lawyer (who was excellent), meeting the Notary, finding an Accountant, locating shops to buy items for the Villa would have been difficult without your help.
I would recommend you as an Estate Agent to anyone contemplating buying a property in Skiathos.

Thank you again Geof.

Regards Margaret and Brian Poole


Dear Geof

To-day, the 16th March 2007, we finally got the e-mail we had been waiting for. The one that has at last made our dream come true. We are the proud owners of a home in Skiathos. This is mainly down to the man with the brown satchel. This is the description Geof gave to us on meeting him.
Without you Geof, Yannis and all the other people involved, your hard work and determination, we would not have been able to do this.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and can’t wait to be there.
With fondest regards

Sue and Steve Krauth (Birmingham U.K.)


I have known Geof Baldry and his team at Skiathos Property for four years.
Geof acted for me during my purchase of a villa on the island.
The integrity and professionalism shown by Geof and his team has at all times been of the highest standard and beyond reproach.
I have no hesitation in recommending Skiathos Property as a safe pair of hands for anyone considering such a purchase.

Steve Dillon, UK.


In June 2010 we arranged to meet Geof Baldry whilst on holiday in Skiathos to look at possible holiday homes. From the very first email correspondence before flying out  he was very helpful. When we met him in his office he took the time to find out the type of property we were interested in and after viewing five we settled on one. Through all stages of the process he advised us of the best way to do things in Greece. He knows all the right people to get things done quickly and with the least effort. He was able to advise us on opening a bank account in Greece, obtaining a Greek tax number; he helped with the Public Notary and finding a helpful solicitor and accountant who all spoke excellent English. We met again on Skiathos in late September and within two days of arriving we had signed the sales contract and moved in the following day.

If you are thinking of buying a home on Skiathos Geof is the man to speak to.

Ian & Stephen



Thanks so much for all of your help regarding our house purchase.  It all went smoothly thanks to your efficiency and clear explanation of procedures.  It was also great to know that we could completely trust someone in a different country who speaks the language.  In addition to this, thanks for your advice regarding tax and building services – all very valuable.  We would recommend you without hesitation.

Roger & Nicola

From Greece

Αγαπητέ  Geof,

Αφού πέρασα πολλά καλοκαίρια διακοπών στην Σκιάθο, ιδιαίτερα τα τελευταία επτά χρόνια, κάποια στιγμή αποφάσισα να αγοράσω ένα ακίνητο στο νησί.
Ετσι σε συνάντησα και σου ζήτησα να με βοηθήσεις σ’ αυτήν την αναζήτησή μου, πράγμα που αποδείχθηκε κάτι όχι και πολύ εύκολο, αφού οι απαιτήσεις μου άλλαζαν, λίγο ή πολύ, χρόνο με τον χρόνο.
Επί αρκετά χρόνια λοιπόν, υπομονετικά και αντικειμενικά, με πραγματικό ενδιαφέρον και εξαιρετική γνώση όλων των υπέρ και κατά της κτηματαγοράς του νησιού, με συμβούλεψες και με βοήθησες να βρώ, τελικά, το οικόπεδο που ονειρευόμουνα. Η βοήθειά σου ήταν επίσης σημαντική σ΄όλη την διάρκεια των διαπραγματεύσεων, μέχρι και την τελικη υπογραφή.
Επιπλέον, παρ’ότι η σύζυγός μου είναι αρχιτέκτων και είμαστε μέτοχοι μιας κατασκευαστικής εταιρίας, ξέρω ότι, όταν έρθει η ώρα να χτίσουμε στο οικόπεδό μας, θα μπορώ να στηριχτώ στις συστάσεις σου για επιλέξω τους κατάλληλους ντόπιους εργολάβους.
Σ’ευχαριστώ Geof, για όλη σου την τιμιότητα και τον επαγγελματισμό σου.
Σ’ευχαριστώ ακόμα πού, στη διάρκεια της πολύχρονης επαφής και γνωριμίας μας, έγινες κάτι πολύ παραπάνω από μια απλή επαγγελματική γνωριμία ; ένας φίλος.

Δημήτρης Σίμος


Πολλες φορες συνεργασθηκα με τον  Geof  Baldry επαγγελματικα.
Εδειξε ανθρωπο που γνωριζει πολυ καλα την δουλια του, ανθρωπο εμπειστο , ειλεκρινη και συνεπη.
Τον συνεστησα σε πολλους φιλους ,οι οποιοι εμειναν ευχαριστημενοι.

Konstantin Konstantinou

From Holland

Hallo Geof,

We hebben elkaar leren kennen rond het jaar 2000. Lange tijd hebben we gezocht naar een geschikt stukje grond om onze droom te verwezenlijken. Door gezamenlijk de juiste mensen bij elkaar te brengen en het nodige doorzettingsvermogen hebben we uiteindelijk een prachtig resultaat bereikt.

Om een dergelijk project te realiseren hebben we kunnen rekenen op jouw goede en betrouwbare adviezen. Het bouwen van een huis op een grote afstand is niet eenvoudig maar door goede communicatie via internet konden we het maximaal haalbare bereiken. Door een traject van 4 jaar bouwen hebben we een heel goed, eerlijk en intensief contact gekregen met elkaar. Griekenland is voor ons een totaal andere cultuur, jij hebt ons, misschien onbewust  geleerd om daar op goede wijze mee om te gaan en dit op de juiste wijze te waarderen.  Wij zullen je dan ook zeer positief adviseren naar ieder die op dit eiland iets wil verkopen, kopen of bouwen.

Geof, bedankt wij hebben hebben het gevoel er een goede vriend erbij gekregen te hebben.

Tot straks!   Astrid en Eric

From Ireland

What can we say, this has to be the most professional service we have ever had from an estate agent, in any of the countries we have looked at over the last few years, and we have been looking.  You really know your business and with help from Jackie we had such a good experience with your office.
You knew when to call and who, and approx. how long in Greek Time things take.  Everything just went so smoothly, lucky for us.  Everybody has good and bad days but with you there never seems to be a bad day. We have passed the word around here and hopefully you will have more Irish business.
You could teach some of the Irish estate agents a few lessons.
Once again a big thank you.

Mary & Vinny

From South Africa

We met Geof Baldry in 2006 when we walked into his office off Papadiamanti Street and announced that we were interest in buying a house on the island.
He took a good look at the “tourists” and was convinced that we were indeed interested in acquiring a property on Skiathos and not just any Greek island. Geof is very passionate about Skiathos, has lived there most of his life and knows just about everybody!
His welcoming yet professional approach in assessing and establishing our requirements, recommending select properties and his subsequent advice on the various banking, legal and tax requirements in Skiathos/Greece was invaluable.
He literally fulfilled his promise that “he would be there for us every step of the way” and gave a new meaning to the words “service excellence”.
We recommend Geof without any hesitation whatsoever to any future investors. They will not only acquire the services of an honourable businessman but also a good friend.

George and Hetti Vassiloudis.

From Germany

Dear Geof,

This is to thank you for your outstanding and professional support selling my holiday home on Skiathos Island.
When I decided to sell in September 2003 you were recommended by my neighbours as an estate agent with excellent reputation here in Skiathos.
Your realistic evaluation of the property and your remarkable knowledge about all the specific Greek rules and regulations were most efficient and led to a very quick sale. Only a few days after we first met you presented two possible buyers already, although the house was not yet published through the internet. This shows the efficiency of your work as well as the enormous amount of trust from people on the buyer’s side. Furthermore you organized all the required details like finding lawyers, sorting out tax declarations, finding a date at the notary office and many other things, to my full satisfaction. To manage all this myself would have been just impossible because I don’t speak any Greek. Overall I must conclude that this case was perfectly managed by you from day one up to the last minute.
Your enthusiasm and total professionalism was deeply appreciated and your effort must be commended by all means.
Good luck and all the best for your future projects.


M. Schuster, Hude / Germany


Sehr geehrter Herr Baldry,

hiermit mochte ich mich fur hervorragende und professionelle Unterstutzung beim Verkauf meines Ferienhauses auf Skiathos bedanken.
Kurzfristig habe ich mich im September 2003 fur den Verkauf meiner Immobilie entschieden und habe von Nachbarn den Tipp erhalten, Sie als Vermittler einzusetzen, weil Sie auf Skiathos einen sehr guten Ruf geniessen.
Ihre realistische Einschatzung des Verkehrswertes und Ihre bemerkenswerte Sachkenntnis fuhrten zu einem au?erst schnellen Kaufabschluss. Wenige Tage nach unserem ersten Treffen
hatten Sie schon zwei seriose Kaufinteressenten angeboten, obwohl das Haus noch nicht im Internet veroffentlicht war. Dieser Umstand beweist die Effizienz Ihrer Arbeit und spricht fur das grosse Vertrauen der Kauferseite zu Ihnen. Daruber hinaus haben Sie die vielen aufwendigen organisatorischen Details, fur die meine Griechischkenntnisse nicht ausreichen,
( Anwaltsuche, Steuererklarung, Notartermin und andere Behordengange ) zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit erledigt. Insgesamt fuhlte mich wahrend der gesamten Verkaufsphase rundum perfekt durch Sie betreut.
Ihr Engagement und Ihre Professionalitat haben mich uberzeugt und ich mochte Sie hiermit unbedingt weiter empfehlen.
Fur Ihre Zukunft wunsche ich Ihnen viel Erfolg und alles Gute.

M. Schuster, Hude / Germany.


Einige Male hatte ich geschäftlich mit Herrn Geof Baldry zu tun. Er erwies sich als kompetent,vertrauenswürdig und seriös.
Ich empfahl ihn deshalb Freunden,die ebenfalls sehr zufrieden mit ihm waren.


Skiathos im September 2006

From USA

We have known Geof and Lida since 1981 when we spent eight months living on Skiathos and became close friends with their family. We have since been back four or five times, always to stay with them and to continue our friendship.

When we decided to buy land on Skiathos a couple of years ago, we realised that the only practical way to do that was to give Geof an unlimited power of attorney to carry it out, and we also opened a bank account there with Geof as a co-signatory. We had several reasons for doing this. In the first place we trust Geof completely, and that trust is based on twenty years of friendship and seeing how he conducts himself with both clients and Skiathitees. He knows everyone on the island and is trusted by virtually all of them because they know him to be honest, and to be more interested in maintaining positive relationships than in gouging the last cent out of everything for himself.

Secondly, given the inevitable delays and red tape of doing business in Skiathos, it is very difficult to accomplish a complete transaction by going there oneself–unless you can stay for weeks or months while people get around to doing what they are supposed to do. Geof knows what to do, who to nudge and remind, and can be trusted to keep your best interests in mind. He also knows who is competent and who is not.

I can simply give an unqualified recommendation of Geof.

Bill Hutchinson, San Francisco, California.


We cannot recommend Geof Baldry highly enough. He was instrumental in helping us organize our new life on Skiathos.
Besides showing us the perfect property and seeing us through the negotiation and purchase, he ushered us through the Byzantine legal system. He also introduced us to the Architect/builder and other excellent professionals.
In short, if it weren’t for Geof, our life on Skiathos might not have turned out so ideally.

Anthea Sylbert
Richard Romanus


2014 was not a good year to sell property in Greece: recession, changing rules, new taxes, stability absent, plus the ‘normal’ rocks and shoals.

One cannot hide on a small island; Geof need not. His knowledge, reputation and intelligence is unparalleled. Geof guided us through unimaginable obstacles (brand new laws which were changing as we were in the process of selling) .He was able to do this because he is straight-forward in his dealings; whether it is a bank question or something that only a notary, accountant or attorney can answer, Geof knows the question and where the answer can be found.

If the above describes a person with a strong will, determination, knowledge and a solid work ethic, that’s Geof; but there is another side too: the laid-back, easy going, relaxed, multi-lingual jokester who loves company and a relaxed lunch or evening, aka a good person to have as a friend.

We recommend Geof without reservation and with the greatest enthusiasm.

Bruce and Marcia Hunt, Marshfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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